Sunday, 31 October 2010

Apothecary Preview Part II

I'm super excited to show you a couple of products that you will find in House of Fraser's all new beauty emporium "Apothecary" (see previous post) by the end of the year. The deeply moisturising BSQ Natural Couture Hand & Nail Cream,  the fabulous BODY AMERICA gentle nourishing Face & Body scrub and the gorgeous, irresistible, amazing [ok, I'm a little biased (: ]  Deborah Lippmann nail polish in "Whatever Lola Wants".

BSQ Hand & Nail Cream has the most wonderful scent, thanks to its white amber and essential oils of sandalwood, and has a quite thick texture which helps better moisturise your skin. Plus, the packaging is simply beautiful and was created in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum. In fact, on the front of the box there's one of John French's most delicate and enchanting photographs.

Body America's Southern Belle Face and Body Scrub is yet another excellent product. Its ingredients are 72% organic and it's also incredibly gentle even to the most sensitive skin (and I can definitely confirm it!). It contains Vitamin E and Ceramide 3 to nourish the skin and is enriched with peach and mango extracts for a sensational fruity experience. The only drawback is you might want to eat it, it's so yummy!

Last but not least, Deborah Lippmann's are the most innovative nail polishes currently on the market. Their sparkling glittery shades are unlike any other, for they contain actual flecks and flakes, and give nails a very unique look. This Fall/Winter shades are inspired to the seasons' most fashionable colours, so I'm expecting all the best. Here's a little preview.

Just so you know, if you can't wait any longer, these three brands and many other can already be found at the House of Fraser in Glasgow.

Finally, it's worth mentioning none of the reviewed products was tested on animals.

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