Thursday, 4 November 2010

Belle & Boo

Last year I came across one of the most talented artists specialised in children illustrations and I immediately fell in love with her work. Well, it is simply impossible not to. With her delicate style and her candid characters, Mandy Sutcliffe won't fail to capture your heart. She creates everything from wall decals to cushions, and offers a wide selection of art prints to choose from. Belle, a sweet little girl, and Boo, her puffy tailed bunny, are Mandy's main inspiration, but they are not alone in their adventures! Many other lovely boys and girls are there to be discovered...

My favourite spot in Winter

These are two of Belle and Boo's fine art prints. They are 10 x 10 sized and come either framed or plain, and if you are in for something truly special, you won't be disappointed with their limited editions.

Happy Day mug

Donut Wall Decal

I'd love to show you all of their wonderful creations, the fabulous childrenswear, the buttons, the dolls, but I would end up with an endless post, so I will refer you to their website instead.

Much like her two main characters, Mandy is not alone either. The Belle & Boo team also comprises Kate, Tracy, Helena and Suzie. Their cooperation seems to be very successful, as they recently published the first of hopefully many more Belle & Boo's books to come. The title is "Bubbles Before Bed" and the story alternates with some crafty works. It is in fact a to-do book that children (and not only, I confess) will go crazy about.

Front Cover

One of the to-do pages

Moreover, as if all this was not enough, every item you order will be delivered at your doorstep in a carefully bespoke packaging (I know I'm obsessed with packagings, but I do think they make a huge difference).

You can also find Belle & Boo products on their Etsy shop and their everyday news on their blog.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Apothecary Preview Part II

I'm super excited to show you a couple of products that you will find in House of Fraser's all new beauty emporium "Apothecary" (see previous post) by the end of the year. The deeply moisturising BSQ Natural Couture Hand & Nail Cream,  the fabulous BODY AMERICA gentle nourishing Face & Body scrub and the gorgeous, irresistible, amazing [ok, I'm a little biased (: ]  Deborah Lippmann nail polish in "Whatever Lola Wants".

BSQ Hand & Nail Cream has the most wonderful scent, thanks to its white amber and essential oils of sandalwood, and has a quite thick texture which helps better moisturise your skin. Plus, the packaging is simply beautiful and was created in partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum. In fact, on the front of the box there's one of John French's most delicate and enchanting photographs.

Body America's Southern Belle Face and Body Scrub is yet another excellent product. Its ingredients are 72% organic and it's also incredibly gentle even to the most sensitive skin (and I can definitely confirm it!). It contains Vitamin E and Ceramide 3 to nourish the skin and is enriched with peach and mango extracts for a sensational fruity experience. The only drawback is you might want to eat it, it's so yummy!

Last but not least, Deborah Lippmann's are the most innovative nail polishes currently on the market. Their sparkling glittery shades are unlike any other, for they contain actual flecks and flakes, and give nails a very unique look. This Fall/Winter shades are inspired to the seasons' most fashionable colours, so I'm expecting all the best. Here's a little preview.

Just so you know, if you can't wait any longer, these three brands and many other can already be found at the House of Fraser in Glasgow.

Finally, it's worth mentioning none of the reviewed products was tested on animals.

Friday, 22 October 2010

This Winter, Show Off Your Legs!

There's only one reason worth coping with cold, frozen wind, rain, and early darkness.. In a word, with lousy days: wearing tights! Winter is the best period to dress legs in colourful, delicate, lacy, romantic, embroidered hosiery. You just have to pick your style, and with Calzedonia Collection, you've got plenty of choices.  



These are just a few photos of the new collection but there's a lot more, including hold-ups, footless tights, leg warmers, anklets, knee socks and even something for the boys (;

Calzedonia, a partner of Intimissimi and Tezenis, is an italian brand selling not only hosiery, but also swimwear as well as men and kids socks.
Prices are really affordable and quality is great. I bought tens of tights in the past years and they only ladder if you strive to. Plus, this year's collection is amazing (go and check the lace leggings)!
You can find their flagship store at Westfield Shopping Centre in London.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Bobbi Brown Wow

A post about Bobbi Brown couldn't wait any longer.. 

This fabulous brand (go and check their website for some great tips and videos!) produces two of my make-up bag favourites.

The first one is the award-winning Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow, a water resistant shimmering eye shadow that is just perfect for special occasions. It comes in 12 different colours: Black Pearl, Brown Metal, Chrome Patina, Goldstone, Antique Gold, Mercury, Moonstone, Opal, Pink Oyster, Starry Night, Starry Purple and Surf.

I have it in Goldstone and there's not a single thing I'm disappointed with. Depending on how much you use, you can obtain completely different results, from a light and diffuse glow to a rich golden touch. And it's not necessarily only for eyes!

The second product is the lovely Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks. I've only tried it once on cheeks and the result was really nice, it blends perfectly and gives them a soft and healthy effect, but I mainly bought it and love it on lips. Again, it comes in different shades: Cabo Coral, Calypso Coral, Chocolate Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Pale Pink, Pink Truffle, Powder Pink, Velvet Plum.

Every colour is rich and creamy and not only looks great on lips, but also adds a smooth finish. The thickness is between the one of a gloss and that of a lipstick, and even better than both of them! All is left to say is.. Go and try them!

IMPORTANT: Bobbi Brown does not test on animals!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

House of Fraser Apothecary

Finally, it's the Day!
Glasgow 1.00 pm - a revolutionary beauty concept starts, House of fraser launches the Apothecary.

This is nothing you've seen before. The new House of fraser's sub-brand combines an antique and sofisticated environment with a modern and exclusive range of products. Entering the Apothecary will actually be losing oneself into an amazingly decored Emporium, fitted with dark wooden floors, white wooden walls, retrĂ²-looking table lamps and little boxes everywhere. Because yes, we do have to talk about the boxes. If you're a lover of beautifully refined packaging, this is the place to go. Every single thing, from tiny lip balm tins to candles, to bottles of perfumes, has been selected to the highest standards and looks just wonderful.

But it's not just a pleasure to the eyes, the Apothecary has chosen tens of niche brands that are either exlusive or extremely difficult to find elsewhere. Brands like Deborah Lippman, with her glamorous nail polish's shades ( Across the Universe and Wake up in Vegas, just to mention a few ) or Cereria Terenzi, selling prestigious handmade scented candles.
Here's the complete brands list: Body America, Electric Body, Crabtree & Evelyn, Laura Mercier, Berkley Square, Jane Packer, Gentry Grooming, Jane Packer, Lab Series, 3Lab, Ark, Per-fekt, Perricone MD, Revive, Rodial, Trilogy, He-Shi, Hissyfit, Fake Bake, St Tropez, Vita Liverata, Xen-Tan, Lancaster, Eylure, Rosebud and La-Tweez.

Lastly, just to add a final touch, House of Fraser has created its own range of products, the Apothecary Collection. A delicate set of Body wash, Body lotion, Hand wash and Hand lotion created in conjunction with the perfumer Francois Robert.

You can follow updates from House of Fraser and the Apothecary at

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

There's nothing better than popping in at Boots after a couple of lectures, especially when a new, little, shiny bargain seems to be waiting for you.
That's how I found the new Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish collection. It comes in eight double color effect mini-size polishes: Ivory, Bronze, Red carpet, Diva pink, Sunny pink, Deep mauve, Dazzling blue and Cloudy blue.
It was hard to just pick one, but I finally opted for the sunny pink (see photo).

The pictures doesn't do justice to the amazing reflexes this nail polish has, but I can assure you that it's an absolutely must-have, especially for the tiny price of £ 3,49!